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Authors: 9tiptoes and zara_zee
Artist: cassiopeia7
Beta: missevelina
Total Words: 37,700
Genre(s): Gen, case!fic. Written for 2013 [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If you recognize them, they are not ours. The SPN characters belong to the CW and Eric Kripke…We’re just borrowing them, for fun, not profit, and promise to return them in more-or-less original condition once we’ve finished playing…
Spoilers: Not really. Some references to episode 1.19 Provenance.
Warnings:  Show level violence, OC character deaths, references to IEDs, explosions

“You know what we need? Shore leave.”
Having just finished up an emotionally-taxing case in upstate New York, Dean decides that the Winchester brothers deserve a little ‘quality R & R’, so he talks Sam into a pilgrimage to Vegas. A road trip along scenic, historical Route 66 lands them in a ‘living Ghost town’ in northern Arizona, but what started out as a short layover to enjoy the local entertainment quickly develops into something more sinister when a couple of teens go missing. The Winchesters join in the hunt for the missing kids and soon find themselves on a case that’s bizarre, even for them; a case that could’ve come straight out of one of the sci-fi movie matinees that Dean used to drag Sam to as a kid.

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So...I'm about to start posting my spn-gen-big-bang entry which is, um, kinda long. It has 16 parts and due to the ongoing (never-ending?) 'undocumented features' aka bugs that LJ is still experiencing I'm gonna have to post it backwards so that I can get the links in.

So yeah, apologies for flooding your flists and please just ignore me until you see the masterpost turn up cuz I doubt the story will make any sense if read backwards! 

Oh and if I stop before I'm finished it just means that the God Almighty storm we're currently having has knocked out my internet connection/power! :)


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