Jan. 27th, 2017 11:20 pm
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Look what arrived yesterday at Casa Zee, courtesy of the super talented [ profile] milly_gal who made this amazing piece.  I had to wait until today to give it to my daughter, because it was a gift for her. She LOVES her new 'Cas wings and tie' necklace. :D

Thanks Milly!  <3
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Reversebang \0/

Because my muse has mostly been curled in a ball sucking her thumb lately, I decided that this year, I'd wait until Aussie morning and then see if there were any prompts left that could prod El Muse out of her funk. And...

I picked up an organised crime prompt which is a wee bit out of my comfort zone because it asks for Dean/Cas which I have never written. I'm actually a bit excited to try my hand at something different and hey, organised crime -- I kinda love it. So.

Dear Artist of prompt S2017 (Mafia Boys) ... come on down and meet me! :D

I hope all you artists got your prompts picked and that all you writers are excited about your forthcoming stories! 
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Hello new friends from the recent friending meme! (And everyone else, of course!) As you've probably deduced by now I don't post all that often, however, today exciting things have happened!

Firstly, my [ profile] spn_summergen gift was posted today and it is wonderful! I submitted my prompts early, before the season finale, so most of them were about how to deal with the Darkness.

My gifter gave me fabulous art, Queen of Queens with the summary: Billie is Death. In God’s absence she teams up with Rowena and several SPN-Alumni ghosts to help Sam and Dean stop Amara from unmaking reality.

If you haven't seen it already, please take a look. This artwork is stunning.

Secondly, I think everyone has probably seen the pimping for the new community started by [ profile] akintay, [ profile] spn_writing.

I volunteered to help mod and also stuck my hand up to do the first discussion post as [ profile] akintay had done all the hard work of setting up the comm and doing the introductory posts. (With lots of background work being done by all the maintainers, of course!)

We posted our first discussion topic today. It is: How do you approach writing a fic? A nice, gentle, chatty topic to get into the swing of things, before we get into the real meat and bones of things with topics like plot and writing action scenes, writing sex scenes and characterisation!

We're really eager to tap into the massive pool of talent we have in our fandom so if there's a writing topic you'd really like to talk about, please volunteer to make a discussion post! 
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Made it! Rough draft finished by deadline, minimum word count exceeded!!!

Picture my smug, self-satisfied face. Better yet, picture Jensen's...

 photo Smug Dean_zpsreejuuy6.gif
Thank you Tumblr for thy wonderful gifs...
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Who is Big Banging this year?

I've seen a few posts from people lamenting their lack of progress, which is comforting to me as I've really struggled with my Big Bang this year. It has fought me every step of the way!

You wanted lighthearted and fun? Ha, says the muse I'm only gonna do serious and angsty this year! :(  I tell you, it's like the two of us are trying to control the one steering wheel, me trying to turn us down the fun path and the muse trying to turn us down the serious path.

Anyhoo, I'm currently sitting at 18,500 words and yesterday I took a pair of scissors to my outline, cut out a whole subplot, made over the main plot ever so slightly and now...I'm confident that I can finish a (very) rough draft by the deadline!

(Metrics visual snagged from [ profile] firesign10...isn't it cool?)

How are all the rest of you Big Bangers feeling about your piece? Will you make deadline? Are your characters behaving themselves? Is your muse being fickle and annoying like mine?  And have all you artists got in mind the kind of piece you want to art for this year? Claims are fast approaching!
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My laptop just died. I can't believe how sad I feel. What a sook.

I am rather legitimately screwed though, because my whole life pretty much was on that laptop and guess which idiot has been lazy about backups lately?

Save me PC Doctor! You're my only hope.

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Eek! I just did something really naughty. I signed up for SPN Spring Fling again. And I really shouldn't have, what with spnmeanttobe and Big Bang to work on! I just...couldn't resist. It was so much fun last year.

So if anyone else is feeling naughty too...


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Howdy, ya'll!

I've been very absent so far this year. I've made a few comments on a few posts, I've done a couple of recs. But I haven't done a lot of my own posts. And the reason has been...I've been slaving away over my entry for this year's Reversebang. I was lucky enough to get wonderful Gladiator art by [ profile] dizzojay this year and it has proved very inspiring.

So inspiring that I accidentally big banged and wrote 24,000 words. Yikes. That wasn't the plan.

Anyway, it's just gone off to be beta read and I'm feeling a little like this...

 photo Jensen dancing_zpsnepdw5ml.gif

And just in time for the post hiatus premiere! Woo hoo.

Right. Now onto this year's actual Big Bang.


Dec. 1st, 2015 09:48 pm
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A friend shared this on facebook and, as a fan of Phillip K Dick (my Big Bang this year was loosely based on Total Recall which is loosely based on PKD's We'll remember it for you wholesale) and slash, this amused me greatly. So I thought I'd share it. careful how you catalogue lest you greatly amuse those who are easily amused!

 photo Dick Roman smarmy_zps2tplsyx8.gif
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So first off, I'm really excited to say that the piece I chose for this year's Reversebang was:

Read more... )
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Oh boy! What a frenzy.

Thanks to a slight daylight savings time miscalculation on my part, SPN Reversebang Claims actually didn't open up until 2.00am here in Oz...fortunately I had a party to go to beforehand, so I haven't had to wait up too long for the post to open. And when it did...boy oh boy!

1.59am. I hit refresh. Claims not open.
2.00am. I hit refresh. Claims open. THERE ARE ALREADY 39 CLAIMS!!! I hit comment. I hit paste. (having already cleverly pre-copied my choices). Livejournal thinks and whirs.
2.01am. My claim is made. By now there have already been 73 claims made prior to mine.

I think I've gotten my first choice. I quickly scrolled through and...couldn't see that art number prior to my claim. Fingers crossed.

So much awesome art, but not everything sparks an idea. There were several pieces that I would happily frame and put on my wall, but I don't have a single story idea for them.

Anyhoo. That was Claims. Yeesh. I'm going to bed now!  Good luck everyone who's taking part! :D
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Woo hoo!!!!

2015 J2 Big Bang finished!!!

Three hours before (Australian) deadline. Phew.


Wipes brow.


Gif credit Moosezekiel on Tumblr
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I'm in Sri Lanka at the moment on a vacation with lots of extended family from all around the world. Sadly the wifi connection is dodgy as, so my online presence is very much pot luck right now.

It is gorgeous here though, so much to see and do, so I guess I should put the tablet down anyway!
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TP & Death

*Edited to say that this picture is by artist Paul Kidby. See his stuff HERE
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Happy Birthday!
[ profile] sailorhathor and remember...

don't forget to Enjoy a pangalactic gargleblaster or three to celebrate! :)

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So, on a account of several of my flist being total enablers incredibly encouraging individuals, I have signed up for this challenge. It's only a short one, so I should be able to squeeze it in. And it sounds like so much fun!

If you haven't already, go check it out. :D
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I read this article about Fanfiction today: Flipping the script: 4 reasons fanfic is a feminist pursuit.

In honour of international fanworks day (which some of y'all are still having, but for me was yesterday) I thought I would share said article. It has some thoughtful and positive things to say about fanfiction and it also mentions one of my favourite tropes, race/ethnicity bending.

Read more of my waffle and also see the fic recs... )
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Saw this article on Facebook: 'How to win at Rock Paper Scissors with Science!'

The article's opening line? "Can’t agree on who should get that last slice of pie? 'Rock, Paper, Scissors!',"

I think it's fairly clear to us all that Sam has worked out this 'always win' method, but I think it's also equally clear to us all that DEAN always gets the last slice of pie. Am I right?

Dean pie

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I just cracked the 10,000 word mark on my SPN_J2 Big Bang!
Feeling pleased with myself!

Gif credit Moosezekiel on Tumblr


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