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Title: Full leather jacket                         
Author: [ profile] zara_zee
Artist: [ profile] dreammaiden
Beta: endlessevalina
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Cas/Dean
Word Count: ~30,300
Warnings: violence, homophobic language, misogyny, crime, drug addiction, withdrawal, slight D/s, mild kink, non-supernatural-AU, organized crime-AU, mafia, minor character deaths, torture, [ profile] spn_reversebang

Summary: When notorious crime boss John Winchester throws himself in front of a bullet meant for his son, Dean not only has to step up and take charge of the Family Business, he also has to deal with his own feelings of grief and guilt; feelings that are made even worse by the horrific secret John divulged to Dean with his dying breath.
Getting somewhat shit-faced and fucking a dark-haired, blue-eyed stranger is almost certainly the worst way possible for Dean to not-deal with the situation. Especially when it seems the stranger may have dangerous secrets of his own.  

A huge thank you to my artist, dreammaiden for providing the art and the premise ("What if...the family business was organized crime?") that so inspired me, to my beta reader endlessevalina@tumblr for sifting through a million typos, and to the spn_reversebang mods for once again running one of my very favourite challanges! I hope you all enjoy the story! 
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Chapter 5

The next few weeks were idyllic. Well, as idyllic as they got when you were working in a drop-in center for the homeless and spent your time dealing with drug addicts, people with mental health problems and child prostitutes. Still, Jared loved his job, loved that he got to really help people; to help them to make their lives better, even if only for a brief instant.

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Chapter 2

Jared hadn’t meant to stay for a week. He hadn’t even brought any clothes. Not that it really mattered, because his old room was full of his old clothes. Most of the pants were a bit too short now, but he didn’t care; it wasn’t like he was going to go out in public in them.

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Chapter 1

March, 2000

Jensen’s heart was pounding when he woke up, and it took him a long moment to realize that he’d just been dreaming; for the residual fear and hopeless dread to leach from his pores and for reality to reassert itself. He hauled himself upright, shoved his pillow up against the wall and leaned back, breathing hard.

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