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Wishing [ profile] dizzojay a very happy birthday. And a happy belated birthday to [ profile] frostfalcon too.

 photo Dean Winchester eyes and lips_zpsrxtbn6rh.gif

May your day be filled with beautiful things. See above. ^^
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 photo happy-birthday_zps5ysoptgu.gif

To [ profile] sailorhathor!

Hope you take a leaf out of Jensen's book and get your face into some birthday cake! :D

 photo face in cake_zpsfojatjnl.gif
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Happy birthday, [ profile] frozen_delight,

On your birthday, I hope you wake up to something this! :)

 photo dean in bed_zps4r0rp7vp.gif
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Happy birthday, [ profile] laughablelament.

 photo face in cake_zpsfojatjnl.gif

Hope it's fantabulous and that you get your face into some cake! :)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] borgmama1of5!

Here's a little Sam hair flipping action....

 photo sam hair_zpsdw8eoq0l.gif

and a little Dean lip/tongue action...


to help brighten your day!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, filled with all good things. :)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] jimbobjoe!

 photo sam and dean and beer_zpstidjbylo.gif

Hope you're having a great day, filled with cake and balloons!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] misplaced_ad!

 photo  photo Dean Winchester older_zpsq6lkrobq.jpg

May these pictures help you remember that Aquarians are like fine wine...they get better with age! (Shhh...Dean Winchester is totally a real person!)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] sophiap!

 photo Dean eats cake_zpsnmem0str.gif

Hope you get some birthday cake into you! :)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] sillie82. Hope you have a fab day!

 photo face in cake_zpsfojatjnl.gif

And that you too get your face into some birthday cake!
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Many happy returns of the day to [ profile] sylsdarkplace.

Dean would love to have a birthday drink with you...

 photo Dean drinks whiskey_zpsgzzfeqpu.gif

...if you can manage to pry the bottle from his hands!
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Happy birthday [ profile] emmatheslayer. Hope you're having a fabulous day and that good things come your way this year!

 photo 1d691750-66ec-4b52-87ad-389c04a519e5_zps1rxhhmsc.jpg
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Wishing a very happy birthday to [ profile] 2blueshoes, and a very happy belated birthday to [ profile] akintay, [ profile] athynto, [ profile] viviansface and [ profile] expectative. I hope you all had a fantastic day filled with all sorts of fabulous, fun things!

 photo face in cake_zpsfojatjnl.gif
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Oh no! I missed some birthdays!

A very belated happy birthday to [ profile] chef_geekier, [ profile] riverofwind and [ profile] the_rant_girl.

I hope you all had fabulous birthdays filled with special and wonderful things!

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Happy birthday [ profile] blackrabbit42. Hope you're having a splendid day!

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Wishing a belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] gluedwithgold! I didn't forget, I promise, I was just on an airplane all weekend.  I hope you had a wonderful day filled with good things.

Read more... )
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Happy birthday [ profile] rhapsodean! It's still your birthday here in Vienna, but I know back home it's now tomorrow, so I'm sorry this is late! Here is some semi-naked Alec to make up for it!

I hope you had a wonderful day! :D
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Wishing [ profile] the_milky_way and [ profile] bt_kady a very...

 photo happy-birthday_zps5ysoptgu.gif

Hope you've both had a day filled with good things...
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Wishing [ profile] disneymagics a very...

I hope your day is filled with good and wonderful things... like this...

 photo shower gif_zpsqnyb1vux.gif
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Wishing [ profile] madebyme_x a fabulous, fun-filled birthday. May all your Sam and Deans come true! :)

 photo Dean getting naked_zpsuzm92dfj.gif  photo Sam jacket off_zpsuouw6bwl.gif
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Wishing [ profile] wings128 A very happy birthday filled with good things!

Good things, like this...


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