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Chapter 5

The next few weeks were idyllic. Well, as idyllic as they got when you were working in a drop-in center for the homeless and spent your time dealing with drug addicts, people with mental health problems and child prostitutes. Still, Jared loved his job, loved that he got to really help people; to help them to make their lives better, even if only for a brief instant.

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Chapter 2

Jared hadn’t meant to stay for a week. He hadn’t even brought any clothes. Not that it really mattered, because his old room was full of his old clothes. Most of the pants were a bit too short now, but he didn’t care; it wasn’t like he was going to go out in public in them.

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Chapter 1

March, 2000

Jensen’s heart was pounding when he woke up, and it took him a long moment to realize that he’d just been dreaming; for the residual fear and hopeless dread to leach from his pores and for reality to reassert itself. He hauled himself upright, shoved his pillow up against the wall and leaned back, breathing hard.

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Notes, References and Thank yous

Thanks as always to[ profile] 9tiptoes—alpha reader, beta reader, friend and confidante, who always challenges me to improve my writing, and without whom this story would be full of strange Australian words that no one would understand. As per usual, I tinkered…a lot…after the final beta read. Any remaining errors are my own.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to [ profile] m14mouse who graciously stepped up to the plate when my original artist went MIA. I love everything she’s created for this story and she was so very enthusiastic, dedicated and easy to work with. Please take the time to look at her art post and tell her how awesome she is!

And finally: my everlasting admiration and gratitude to [ profile] wendy and [ profile] thehighwaywoman. Without their hard work and commitment to running this fabulous challenge, our fandom would be a poorer place.

I did a lot of research for this story—and I shudder to think what my internet provider thinks I get up to, given my search history! That aside, a shout out must go to Matthew Vines, on whom the author of the fictitious book The Rainbow Cross is loosely based. If you’re interested, you can learn more about his work here:

The statistics on LGBT youth homelessness that Jeff quotes to Jared in chapter eight come from this study:

I apologise to West Hollywood natives for any geographical inaccuracies  -- there is only so much you can do with Google Earth! Let's just say that I have presented an 'AU' version of the town, reconfigured as needed to suit the demands of the plot.

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