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Part Three

The Bumblebee Bar and Grill is warm and woody. There’s a ‘family restaurant’ section which has different sized, roughly-hewn wooden tables, lots of fake plants and low-hanging lights that look like bee hives.

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Part Two

The fairy’s name is Misha. Jensen leaves him standing at attention inside the ring of mushrooms while he goes about his chores.  He’s a little slower than usual today, because he keeps finding himself going back to check on the fairy, as though dragged into his orbit by some kind of gravitational pull. Or maybe he’s just double; triple, quadruple checking that the winged man is actually real; that he didn’t just imagine him.

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Part One

Jensen’s alarm clock doesn’t wake him up, because the loud, obnoxious crowing of a rooster roused him from his sleep half an hour ago. He’s been lying awake staring up at a crack in the ceiling ever since, wondering if he’s finally gotten some good luck or if this too is going to go to shit like most things in his life do.

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Fic Title: Changing of the Guard
Art Title: Changing of the Guard
Author: [ profile] zara_zee
Artist: [ profile] chef_geekier
Beta: [ profile] 9tiptoes
Genre: Slash, AU
Pairings: Jensen/Misha
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~17,000
Disclaimer: I have borrowed the names and faces of certain actors without their knowledge or approval. Said actors belong to themselves and I have merely cast them in my fiction. Not a word of this is true; I’ve just got them playing parts.
Warnings: some swearing, m/m sex, past loss of loved ones, references to fatal car accident, homophobic slurs
A/N: I don’t personally feel comfortable casting non-actors in my fictional dramas so any family members you see are strictly OCs. Also, Marshallville is a fictional small farming town in Iowa.

Jensen hasn’t had a real home since he was six years old. No-one ever wants him to stick around. Not once they get to know him. Jensen is short term. Temporary. Always being asked to move on.  His latest break up sees him drift into Iowa, where he gets a job as a farmhand.
Misha calls the Royal Court home. He’s well-dressed and sophisticated and the very last thing he wants is to be assigned guard duty at the ass-end of the world; AKA a farm in Iowa. Mud. Animals. Excrement. Really not his thing.
Also? Misha is a fairy. And that incredibly hot farmhand really shouldn’t be able to see him…

Part One  | Part Two  | Part Three

Link to Art Post

Link to A03

A/N 2: Thank you to [ profile] chef_geekier for the inspiring art piece and for being so enthusiastic about my story ideas. Thanks as always to my beta [ profile] 9tiptoes, without whom Jensen would be wearing gumboots! And to the [ profile] spn_reversebang moderators who do a fabulous job every year putting together this fun challenge. :)


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