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Look what arrived yesterday at Casa Zee, courtesy of the super talented [ profile] milly_gal who made this amazing piece.  I had to wait until today to give it to my daughter, because it was a gift for her. She LOVES her new 'Cas wings and tie' necklace. :D

Thanks Milly!  <3
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Happy New Year from Melbourne!  Come join us in 2017, Y'all! :)

Photo courtesy of the Herald Sun Newspaper -- Last night's fireworks over the city.
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To everyone who celebrates it...

And happy holidays and best wishes to all!
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Many happy returns of the day to [ profile] sylsdarkplace.

Dean would love to have a birthday drink with you...

 photo Dean drinks whiskey_zpsgzzfeqpu.gif

...if you can manage to pry the bottle from his hands!
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Happy birthday [ profile] emmatheslayer. Hope you're having a fabulous day and that good things come your way this year!

 photo 1d691750-66ec-4b52-87ad-389c04a519e5_zps1rxhhmsc.jpg
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Reversebang \0/

Because my muse has mostly been curled in a ball sucking her thumb lately, I decided that this year, I'd wait until Aussie morning and then see if there were any prompts left that could prod El Muse out of her funk. And...

I picked up an organised crime prompt which is a wee bit out of my comfort zone because it asks for Dean/Cas which I have never written. I'm actually a bit excited to try my hand at something different and hey, organised crime -- I kinda love it. So.

Dear Artist of prompt S2017 (Mafia Boys) ... come on down and meet me! :D

I hope all you artists got your prompts picked and that all you writers are excited about your forthcoming stories! 
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Wishing a very happy birthday to [ profile] 2blueshoes, and a very happy belated birthday to [ profile] akintay, [ profile] athynto, [ profile] viviansface and [ profile] expectative. I hope you all had a fantastic day filled with all sorts of fabulous, fun things!

 photo face in cake_zpsfojatjnl.gif
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What a beautiful idea. Something we all desperately need at the moment.

Originally posted by [ profile] citrusjava at SPN 'Something Good Today' Prompt Meme

Lets bring something good into the world. Let's hold hands, if only virtually, and not be alone in this. Let's reaffirm that we care about each other, and we don't stand for bigotry. Let's write (and draw and record and stuff).

Prompts are open for anything - any or no ships, any or no kinks, go for it.

Extra cookies if your prompt negates some bigoted concept, we could give love in places it's particularly lacking right now. We can reaffirm that we all have a place here, that we stand with each other. Women, POC, survivors, immigrants, disabled people, fat people, MOGAI people, poor people, etc - especially anyone that's more than one of those things - deserve some extra love, today and in general.... But prompts don't have to do that - anything comforting is welcome, and different things comfort different people! Fun, fluffy, funny, porny, angry, dark, it's ok!

How this works:
How to prompt: Leave a comment with a prompt, preferably with some basic information in the subject line (ship/gen/character, kink, genre - whatever works for you). You can leave as many prompts as you like.

How to fill: Comment to any prompt you like with fic, art, podfic, playlists, gifsets - any form of fanwork is welcome. Feel free to fill prompts that were already filled. If you feel like leaving anon fills, go for it! If you feel like leaving cute little 'created in ten minutes' fills for fun - those are welcome too!

1) Be kind.
2) No spoilers for unaired episodes without a cut/link, please.
3) Use content warnings generously, please. It only takes a moment, and can make the difference between brightening someone's day and making it horrible. We've got enough horrible.
4) Anything promoting bigotry should not be included. If you're not sure, you're welcome to ask me, we can try to figure it out together. If something bothers you - same thing. Sometimes things can be bigoted without bad intent, we'll try to navigate this with compassion if it happens here now. Most things are ok if you clearly warn for them.

Tell the world!

Reblog on Tumblr

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Oh no! I missed some birthdays!

A very belated happy birthday to [ profile] chef_geekier, [ profile] riverofwind and [ profile] the_rant_girl.

I hope you all had fabulous birthdays filled with special and wonderful things!

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Happy birthday [ profile] blackrabbit42. Hope you're having a splendid day!

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Wishing a belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] gluedwithgold! I didn't forget, I promise, I was just on an airplane all weekend.  I hope you had a wonderful day filled with good things.

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Happy birthday [ profile] rhapsodean! It's still your birthday here in Vienna, but I know back home it's now tomorrow, so I'm sorry this is late! Here is some semi-naked Alec to make up for it!

I hope you had a wonderful day! :D
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Wishing [ profile] the_milky_way and [ profile] bt_kady a very...

 photo happy-birthday_zps5ysoptgu.gif

Hope you've both had a day filled with good things...
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Wishing [ profile] disneymagics a very...

I hope your day is filled with good and wonderful things... like this...

 photo shower gif_zpsqnyb1vux.gif
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Wishing [ profile] madebyme_x a fabulous, fun-filled birthday. May all your Sam and Deans come true! :)

 photo Dean getting naked_zpsuzm92dfj.gif  photo Sam jacket off_zpsuouw6bwl.gif
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Wishing [ profile] wings128 A very happy birthday filled with good things!

Good things, like this...

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Title: The Shorts
Author: [ profile] zara_zee
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2,000-

Disclaimer: In this story ‘Jared’ and ‘Jensen’ are the characters that appeared in the French Mistake. I am a wuss about non-au and couldn’t manage to write it, despite being hugely inspired by THOSE SHORTS. You know the ones.  So. I don’t own these characters, more’s the pity. And this was written for fun, not profit.

Warnings: Porn. Mentions of polyamory.

A/N: First there was the gag reel. Then there was THIS drawing, shared by [ profile] somersault_j. What can I say? I was inspired. This is a birthday fic for [ profile] somersault_j, who said ‘why did you stop there?’

Summary: Jensen’s swinging his hips and twerking for all he’s worth. He’s doing some pretty obscene things with the hose too, things he knows won’t make it onto the gag reel, but it’s worth it to see the look on Jared’s face.  Jensen has never claimed to be a saint. Riling up his co-star is fun.


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Happy birthday, [ profile] somersault_j! I hope your day so far has been filled with good things!

I caught this guy for you. Honest. But he got away... ♥
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In honour of [ profile] whiskygalore's birhday, here is a gif of Dean, drinking whisky galore...

 photo Dean drinks whiskey_zpsgzzfeqpu.gif

Also Jensen in a kilt, just because...

Credit fennec-faux on Tumblr

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, m'dear, filled with fabulous things!
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Title: Rattlesnake Smile (Jensen’s Choice Timestamp)
Author: [ profile] zara_zee
Genre: Slash, Dark Romance, Action-thriller.
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3,000
Disclaimer: I have borrowed the names and faces of certain actors without their knowledge or approval. Said actors belong to themselves and I have merely cast them in my fiction. Not a word of this is true; I’ve just got them playing parts.
Any family members mentioned are strictly OCs as I don’t personally like to cast non-actors in my fictional dramas.
Warnings: Bondage, over-stimulation, rough sex
A/N: A few people mentioned that they'd like to see a Chris and Jensen reunion, so...

Summary: Chris and Steve have a gig in LA, deep in HellSpawn territory. They want to catch up with Jensen; to meet Jared. And Jensen wants that; he does. But he doesn’t want to put his friends on the LE radar.


Read on A03

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