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“I don’t like this,” Dean says, for what must be the millionth time.

“It’s too late for second thoughts,” Sam says as the two of them enter the big old barn on the outskirts of Lawrence.

Zachariah, Uriel, Castiel, Ishim and Virgil are waiting for them.

It’s a good turnout, better than Dean expected and he has to contain the smug smile that wants to break out across his face.

“What’s going on, Dean?’ Zachariah says. “You said you had urgent information for Michael about Lucifer. Information that couldn’t wait.”
“Yeah,” Dean scrunches his nose. “I was lying. You see, Zach, this morning I spoke to Michael myself.”

Zachariah draws himself up, chin jutting. “I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

“Oh it is,” Dean says. “He reached out to me, you see. I know all about this ‘sabbatical’. I know exactly what’s going on.”

Zachariah’s eyes fill with zealous fervour. “Then you know why it’s so urgent that we act now to take out Lucifer and The Devil’s Own.”

“Really Zachariah?” Nick Morningstar says as he walks into the barn, his Demons trailing behind him. “Because I thought we were getting rid of The Winchesters and once I had, it would be proof I was fit to assume my rightful place as head of The Santangelos.”

“Why are you here, Nick?” Zachariah blusters.

Lucifer nods at Sam. “He told Ruby that he wanted to give me some important information about The Winchesters in exchange for more of our new drug.”

“No I didn’t,” Sam says.

He totally did, it was the pretext they used to lure The Devil’s Own to this place, at this time.

“What?’ says Ruby. “Yes you did.”

Cas speaks up from his place among The Santangelos. “She’s lying. She works for us.”

Lucifer’s brow furrows.

“No she doesn’t,” Zachariah says quickly.

But it seems that whatever tenuous trust had existed between Zachariah and Nick Morningstar has gone and everyone is suddenly tense and hostile.

“He’s got a gun!” Dean yells, throwing himself to one side so that he’s no longer in between The Santangelos and The Devil’s Own. Sam throws himself in the opposite direction and they both scramble behind hay bales as everyone else in the room gets their own gun out.

Sam fires a bullet into a hay bale and that’s all it takes for all Hell to break loose. It’s also Cas’s signal to move out of the line of fire and Dean is relieved to see that he manages that.

By the time the dust settles everyone on both sides is dead, with the exception of Zachariah, who’s lying unarmed on the floor, bleeding from a stomach wound.

“I got to hand it to you, Sammy,” Dean says. “Bringing them all together all at once, it was a damn good plan.”

Sam grins. “Yeah, well, when you got Godzilla and Mothra on your ass, best to get out of their way and let them fight.”

“You’re such a nerd,” Dean says fondly. He frowns. “It’s a shame Crowley didn’t come. I think we’ve got pretty much all the main Demon players except for him.”

He walks over to where Cas is standing, staring down at Zachariah. Dean reaches out and slaps a hand against Cas’s back. “You good?”

Cas shakes his head. “You were planning to overthrow Michael,” he says to Zachariah. “To install Nick Morningstar as Head of The Family.”

“He would have been a puppet,” Zachariah somehow still manages to sneer. “But with Michael in prison, Ezekiel dead and Gabriel missing, we needed a male from Carlo’s line to head up The Family. We’re not like the Cacciatores who’ll allow the descendants of their daughters into senior positions of power. We’re old school.”

“Michael’s in prison?” Dean says, his eyes widening in shock.

Zachariah frowns. “I thought you knew that? You said you talked to him.”

Dean shrugs. “The best way to get information is often to pretend you already have it. And you fell for it, you sanctimonious prick.”

Dean gets out his gun and shoots Zachariah, which is a kindness really, considering the messy stomach wound.


Since the shootout at the barn, Dean has more or less permanently moved into the safe house just outside of Lawrence and Cas stays at Dean’s place more often than he stays at his own.

Michael Santangelo’s arrest has finally hit the press—apparently he was picked up when he arrived back home after attending John Winchester’s funeral. The FBI is crowing about an important federal witness. Cas believes the witness is his half-brother Gabriel, that he turned rat after Michael had his girlfriend Kali murdered. Michael didn’t approve of Gabe dating an Indian woman. Racist as well as homophobic, Dean said snidely. What a loss. Cas thinks Gabriel is in witness protection now.

The Santangelos are in disarray. Castiel has bowed out of the organization, telling his mother Naomi that he no longer believes The Santangelos are men of honor. She knows he’s working for the Winchesters now, but Cas refuses to tell her that he and Dean are together, because he knows she would never accept it.

Dean and Cas aren’t out out. There are people who know; Bobby and Sam, of course, but also Ellen and Jo, Benny, Pastor Jim and Caleb. Pam and Lisa know too. They’re all quietly happy for him, but they know the relationship has to stay on the down-low for now.

Dean wishes fervently that wasn’t the case.

Still, they make up for it in the privacy of their own home.

“Fuck yeah,” Dean says. “Like that, Cas. Yeah, just there.”

He’s on his back with his knees hooked over his forearms and his legs spread wide. Cas is looming over him, traditional missionary style, and the tip of his dick rubs against Dean’s sweet spot with every thrust. Cas is staring down into Dean’s eyes with an intense expression and Dean wants to look away, because it’s too much, too intimate, but Cas doesn’t like it when he turns away and Dean’s getting better at accepting that Cas loves him.

Cas’s said it a few times now. Dean damn near had a panic attack the first time, but now he can hear it without freaking out. He hasn’t been able to say it back yet, but he tries to show Cas how much he does love him in all sorts of little ways, like the fact that he’s quit smoking, hardly drinks anymore and has listened to both his advice and Sam’s when it comes to the future direction of The Winchester Family.

One day soon, Dean figures he’ll actually be able to say those three little words.

In the meantime, he’s busy expanding The Winchesters’ legitimate businesses and moving away from the more violent ones, such as gun running and protection rackets. They still supply drugs and sex workers, because Dean thinks it’s stupid those things are illegal, and they already had a reputation for providing clean, healthy, non-trafficked sex workers and good quality, safe drugs. They also control most of the gambling in the state. Profits are good and while they’ve lost some soldiers who don’t like the new direction, they’ve still got a very loyal core crew.

Sam’s going back to law school next year, but just the local college, and Cas will step into his role in The Family Business, albeit unofficially. Sam will still be close though, and he’s going to stay involved. As Dean had predicted, Sam and Cas get along like a house on fire. The other day, Dean even found them listening to a podcast on the History of the Protestant Reformation together.

Dean shudders at the memory. He would honestly prefer to go under Alastair’s knife again than to sit through a multipart exploration of each of Martin Luther's 95 theses; so he’s glad they’ve got each other to geek out with over that kind of stuff.

So all up, Dean’s the happiest he’s been, possibly ever.

When he’d first figured out who Cas was, he’d been sure this was all going to end in heartache. But now? For the first time in forever, he’s not just going through the motions and doing what has to be done. He’s not being Daddy’s good little soldier and supressing who he really is; his own wants and needs. For the first time in a long time, Dean has hope for the future.


Trivia and References:
The story title, Full Leather Jacket, is a play on <i>full metal jacket</i> which is the name of a type of small arms projectile that is soft on the inside with hard armour on the outside, much like Dean Winchester. Of course, Dean's armour is his <i>leather</i> jacket. :D It's also the name of a Sopranos episode.
The crime family that the Winchesters represent is the Cacciatore family. In Italian, Cacciatore means Hunter.


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